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Mulberry is rocking every season. The British charm does not end with classy Bayswater bag or Sexy Roxanne bag, as the leather handbag collection is supplemented with new and hot additions - the new Margaret shoulder bag or Margaret clutch is a real royal treat from Mulberry bag line.

Mulberry was founded in 1971 and it was mainly into leather hand bag business, but the success of this European brand helped the brand's handbags to expand and nowadays they sell women handbags, men handbags, Mulberry bags, shoes, leather articles and accessories and recently they have introduced also the clothing lines to match the beautiful leather purses and bag tote.

Mulberry is located in Great Britain, Somerset and this company is also on the London Stock Exchange. The brand does a remarkable social work by having an apprentice program that trains young people and promotes local employment. Currently the company has many stores in Europe, some in Asia and the States as well. Brand's owner is an American.

Due to customer loyalty and sales actual increase, this brand is planning to expand more and we all know that a Mulberry bag is a trademark for good quality and European classy designs. The brand is very proud of its British origins and this has been one of their main selling points, along with the quality that speaks for itself.

While Mulberry Bayswater remains the unbeaten success of the brand, there are many other perfect hand bags to choose fro, such as Alexa bag in various sizes and styles as a hobo bag, bag tote or shoulder bag.

Daria bag is perfect for laptops and Mulberry laptop bags are one of their best sellers. Also Mulberry Lizzie bag has its version as a satchel or tote bag.

Mulberry luggage is as beautiful and very durable so pick the model carefully - you will have to live long with it.

This is the Mitzy bag in lush purple. Mulberry Mitzy purseThis beautiful tote has double leather handles and a detachable shoulder strap. It has stud details and a zip closure. For convenience inside there are two pockets - one zipped and the other is an open pocket. What is great about this purse is that it converts to a messenger bag if you zip the upper part of it. This versatile bag is 13" high, 15" wide and 3" deep. The price for the eggplant grained leather model is 840 USD. Available in the brand's official internet store.

Mulberry replica bags have been the company's enemy for a long time since the counterfeit market noticed the success of the brand's products, so it is not as rare to encounter replica Mulberry bag or Mulberry replica, including Bayswater replica. This is weird as there are many authentic discounted handbags, including genuine Mulberry sale, where you can purchase discount Mulberry handbags on sale. In general there are plenty of sites selling Bags on sale but you have to use your judgement to see which are the ones selling original and authentic product instead of "inspirations" and other similar types.

Also Mulberry has produced a bag line for Target and most of these handbags are available under price of 200 dollars. This Mulberry Target bag cooperation features various sizes and styles of Mulberry bags.

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