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The Chloe bag previously was indeed associated with the Paddington bag. In the year 2005, this trendy purse made an impact and has continued to be a sensation at its finest. Some of the well-known celebrities who just cannot get enough of this bag are Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, as well as Lindsay Lohan and Sienna Miller. A lot of ladies simply adored this Chloe Paddington bag because of its rounded edges and stylish decors. Mostly the Chloe bag include details that are square in shape, but have rounded edges and a heavy padlock. Also the handles are round, and the leather material used is slightly pebbled.

The company has worked hard on introducing new bags and the Marcie is soft and warm deep shades looks irresistible on shelves. Also the other purses, such as Cybill clutch bags deserve recognition - beautifully and intricately crafted they are embodying everything about luxury and beauty.

From the time that first globally successful Chloe bag was introduced, there were already a lot of Chloe replicas manufactured, as well as Chloe knockoffs or replica Chloe handbags. Because of the fact that it is now known worldwide, there are now a lot of designs that are being reproduced like, for instance, the Marcie replica bag.

Apart from the success of the Chloe Paddington, other bags like the Betty bag as well as the Edith bag are also increasingly becoming popular to a lot of women. Not to mention the stunning Chloe Marcie bag that has been on the top magazine covers already for a while.

Here is more of the company's history:

By 1956, Ms Gabi Aghion established the fashion house of French clothes that are ready-to-wear. A lot of designers were employed at the said fashion house, and this includes Phoebe Philo, the person who came up with the idea of Chloe Paddington, Karl Lagerfeld, as well as Stella McCartney.

The headquarters of Chloe is located in Paris, and Paulo Melim Andersson is the current creative director of the company.

This fashion label - they are simply masters of intricate and elegant Chloe Emma clutchpurses, take a look at the Emma clutch by this brand - beautiful and luxurious it will leave no one unimpressed. Sold at net-a-porter for 6,995 EUR (USD 9,978). It is made in rich brown alligator leather and has golden hardware. The shoulder strap is removable so this will be quite a versatile purse to own. Sure it is not cheap and sure it is absolutely fabulous.

You can buy Chloe bags and other items online, most major luxury bags retailers have the must-haves from Chloe brand. For example, their product range is found on net-a-porter web page, selling also their accessories. Also even the most snobbish fashion houses offer many reasonably priced deals on their hot luxury handbags and so does the Chloe - get the discount bag on sale. That is why you should go ahead and purchase your Chloe bag right now!

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