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Lambertson Truex was a luxury handbag and accessories company. Chic and elegance combined with the exquisite quality leather made the the brands products irresistible and almost cult-like. The company was established by two partners: Richard Lambertson – former design director at Gucci (responsible for hiring Tom Ford) and John Truex. This unique brand offered also shoes and other products (gloves, belts etc.) besides purses and bags. These products are all sold in the high-end shops, such as Saks Fifth Avenue. The brand was always paying strong attention to texture of the leather, emphasizing that this is part of the accessory’s success. Much emphasis was also applied to functionality of handbags, for example, cell phone and key pockets. Lambertson Truex bags even after the financial difficulties in 2009 were sold to the Tiffany &Co and both designers signed contracts with the luxury retailer.
Since Tiffany owns now this brand, weird enough, but the initial bankruptcy of them in a way has worked out just fine for both designers as the latest Tiffany's handbag collection designed by them has been a success for all handbags, the amazing Lambertson Truex clutch bags (such as beaded bracelet clutch or the Lyn clutch) and for other purses as well (the Manhattan satchel is amazing).

Tiffany & Co wanted to have a beautiful and luxury handbag line and who else would be a better choice than Lambertson and Truex. Their first collection under the new name was a sure success and if you want to spoil yourself with the beautiful and top quality bag, now you can go to Tiffany's store. Each of the bags will have the typical Tiffany blue detail either in lining, or on locks. This combination looks smashing for the Tiffany's silver and blue reversible tote.

Tiffany Ellis purseClean lines, perfect hardware along with luxury materials are the trademarks of the brand. Take the Ellis purse, for example (picture left). It costs 895 USD and is made of beautiful grained leather The metal details are palladium plated brass. Inside you will find the signature brand's blue shade lining. There are also two small compartments and zipped pocket. The closure is the traditional turn-lock. Size is 12.5" (width) x 10.5"(height) and depth is 4".

Celebrities adored Lambertson handbags and purses. Jennifer Lopez was spotted with the gorgeous Lambertson Truex crocodile Paxton purse. Jennifer Aniston was carrying Tiffany's tote bag and more celebrities are to follow.

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