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There is no space enough to write about all celebrities wearing Chanel bag - Nicole Kidman, Nicole Richie, Madonna, Lily Ellen, Beyonce and even Lady Gaga have one of these world known quilted purses with the cc lock. So why such attention and hype? How it all started?

Chanel Small toteThis beautiful fashion house in Paris is now owned by Alain Wertheimer and Gerard Wertheimer. But in the beginning Coco Chanel started its business as a hat shop in 1910. Tailoring business flourished and today it has grown into major classic luxury goods brand selling ready-to-wear, haute couture, accessories, such as bags and jewelry and cosmetic products. The brands success is in the luxury materials, classic and classy designs together with considerate attention to the details.

2.55 bag is the ultimate classic bag with the quilted small, chained leather bag with the iconic Chanel lock.. It was created in February 1955 -- thus the name. Chanel discount bags are rare event, however some sites sell second hand Chanel bags and clutches that still offers some variety. This brand has maintained its luxury appeal and elegance has not been sacrificed not even after that long time. Also this applies to both - the clothing lines, as well as accessories, including the handbags and purses. Owning a Chanel, whether bag or any any jewelry piece has become the sort of proof of wealth and good taste.

The brand right now is strongly fighting with many fake Chanel products, especially fake replica Chanel handbags. Countries where most counterfeit products come from is China, Vietnam and other places (some say the Naples region in Italy is a leader in making these bags). Replica Chanel bag costs around 200 - 300 US dollars. Original could cost starting from 1000 USD.

But you must always rremember that cheap handbags can never be a match to original Chanel bag, that costs about 1,500 US dollars. Also to help you seal the real deal - take into account that all original Chanel bags have its unique serial number.

Chanel Mademoiselle bagOne of the hottest purses from this brand now is the new Mademoiselle line. This handbag is offered in five sizes and in several luxurious materials, such as Matte Alligator and Iguana. There is also a purse in satin. Price range starts from 2000 USD and goes up. Available in boutiques around the world, from Paris in France to New York in USA.

Chanel boutiques are around the world from Hong Kong to Moscow, where you can find anything from Chanel - jewelry, fragrances, ready-to-wear and of course, the famous bags.
Russia and Asian countries are places where this luxury fashion house is very adored and sought after and there the brand is doing exceptionally well.

The clutch handbag is one of the top selling black purses in the fashion market. It is still classy even after 50 years of reign. If you would like you can also buy pink purse from Chanel and any other bag from the beige palette that was the favorite of Coco. This brand has been experimenting with colors and shapes and sizes, but one of their main values and core businesses are the small flap bag with beautiful shoulder chain. Read more on discounted Chanel handbags

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