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This amazing designer had made her career with the sophisticated handbags and this young designer has already received acclaim from critics, fashion editors, celebrities and fashion industry in general.

Devi Kroell bags are sophisticated, they all have beautiful lines and each and single handbag is like a piece of art. Her most known accessory is the box clutch, which is actually made of wood and decorated with crystals. This witty combination looks great, is also functional and it is different to the glam evening bag market dominated by leather purses.

The statement she made with the wooden purse was quite a sensation and now when the attention is also dedicated to other bags in her collection, the success is just building on - plenty of innovations and great shapes and styles. Materials that she uses are very varied - from satin and patent leather to plastic (as we saw it in collections made for Target).

This designer's handbags line offers also plenty of gorgeous shopping totes in exquisite luxury leathers, such as python or alligator. Her glamorous python tote in black is a must have. Also her totes and hobo purses are absolutely gorgeous. The Kroell Twist bag has also been one of the brands best-sellers due to its particular shape.

Devi Kroell bag There are many more handbags from this talented designer that deserve recognition. Her evening clutch line is simply fabulous, and so is also the envelope purses from this design house. If you love her purses, you will like the shoe line as well. beautiful, feminine and expensive too. And a perfect match to her handbags.

On the brand's sample sale there might be an opportunity to buy discounted purses from this unique designer online.

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